Building a luxury garden room, what determines cost?

large cedar garden room cost

When we receive a call from someone looking to create a unique luxury garden room, be that for additional space or storage, or simply a place to unwind, we endeavour to create an overview of your idea. We do this initially in order to get an idea of what size we might look at and the garden room cost involved. It is also important to know where and how one of our garden rooms will fit into the surrounding area.

This can be done through a photograph of your garden, or taking an address which we can use to gauge your garden size (trade secrets withheld.) 

Your photograph will go through a post production process in which we will super impose a design similar to what you have described. Each time we take on a new project, our portfolio builds and it’s that input from you, your ideas and thoughts, that allows us to grow.

If both parties are happy to progress from the initial contact, we then organise an in-person meeting. Andy and or Gary will come to the site to assess what ground work may need to be done, and to gain an idea of the space we would be working in. It’s also a chance for you to meet us and really understand our values and how we operate, because really, its people that matter. We use this time as an opportunity to have an open discussion, in which you can ask as many questions as you like and we can begin our plans.

Here at Cedar Garden Rooms we want to know exactly what you envision for the final product. What you hope to get out of it now and in the long run. This way, when we develop the build plans we can do it with you in mind. We will share our knowledge with you, so that you have a good picture of what your investment will involve. It’s this bespoke service that sets us apart from the crowd and keeps our product of such a high quality. On the flip side however, it can make it difficult to put a price on things at the outset.

All the way through the build we will keep you informed of your garden room cost because our flexibility means, to an extent, plans can be modified to suit your needs. Modification can involve a price change in either direction; these are usually minor changes. To give you an idea of what’s involved we have outlined the main garden room cost considerations involved in building a luxury garden room so you can see how complex (or not) the project can be.


The overall size of your garden room is likely to be the biggest factor. We have so much scope when it comes to size due to the bespoke nature of our buildings. To date we have constructed: 
smaller garden rooms to fit in compact spaces at 3m x 3m (10ft square), 
medium sized 3m x 4.8m (10ft x 16ft) 
garden rooms and our largest project to date is 4.5m x 7.5m (25ft x 50ft).

We don’t offer a garden room cost list based on size because we’re completely bespoke; that is to say, not all our garden rooms are regular shapes. That said, the over all size is often the main factor in garden room cost. Below we have outlined a few examples that show you what your investment can deliver in terms of a hugely enhanced lifestyle! They are meant as a guide but hopefully they will give you an opportunity to see that we are a top quality product, competitively priced.

Example 1

Size: 3m x 3m (10ft x 11ft)

Typically from £9,850 (inc VAT)

A compact building, built to fit a previously unused garden space. Lots of light to create an open room and plenty of scope to transition between the indoors and out. (photo for guidance only).

small cedar garden room cost

This size includes:

Turnkey project
Small bifold doors
2 side window
Western Red Cedar cladding
EDPM roof covering
Fully finished ready for furnishing

Example 2

Size: 4.8m x 3m (10ft x 16ft)
Typically from £17,450 (inc VAT)

medium cedar garden room costA multi-purpose garden room to fit your space and personal needs, with potential for storage compartments and optional extras (photo for guidance only).

Turnkey project
Larger bifold doors
3 larger windows
Western Red Cedar cladding
EPDM roof covering
Fully finished ready for furnishing

Example 3

Size: 4.5m x 7.5m (25ft x 50ft)
Typically from £22,100 (inc VAT)

A larger room overall with amenities and a more fluid approach to letting the outside in.

Turnkey projectlarge cedar garden room cost
Corner bifold doors
More & larger windows
Western Red Cedar cladding
EPDM roof covering
Internal rooms
Hidden door storage room


Notes on size

All our garden rooms have the following features, no matter the size:

Secure and reliable locks
Double glazed sliding or bi-fold doors and windows
Fully wired and certified

We have included VAT in all figures quoted in an effort to be as open and honest as possible. We can discuss with you the excluding VAT price, should you be eligible. This is owing to the fact that sometimes our customers can claim back a proportion of the VAT where business use of one of our Cedar Garden Rooms applies.

Other choices of cladding are available however cedar is our, and certainly our previous customers, preferred choice due to its ageing properties.

Site clearance and preparation

Is there an existing building that will need demolishing, will foundations need to be installed? We have to consider all of these things because our garden rooms have to have a good solid base on which to stand for years to come. Sometimes we have to hit the ground running – for instance when we demolish an old shed only to find a large wasps nest underneath it.

Is there a pond nearby that might make construction more difficult.How will we achieve a water or electricity supply? Is your drive the length of a football pitch? We joke but these are all factors that come into play when everything is built on site by man power alone.

Door and windows

The third most influential garden room cost is our Express bifolding doors and windows. These are showcased in almost all our portfolio photos and we fit them as standard because they create a wonderful, open feel to the finished product. There are various different types that can be fitted, including compact, corner and extra large.

We can also provide patio or sliding doors if preffered, and certainly we can advise on the best kind of opening for the size and shape of your garden rooms.

Sedum roof

Having a sedum roof, while it is considered an extra, will be a factor in your garden room cost. A living roof, made from the plant family sedum, is exactly that. A roof covering that will grow and create a wonderful view from above, while also creating warmth within the garden room. The benefits far outweigh the initial cost due to its long lasting and insulating properties. Any animal lovers will want to seriously consider this option due to the ecosystem it creates. Read more on this popular, economic choice here.



Additions of a bathroom, toilet and kitchen facilities all play a part in cost. Features such as air-conditioning, integrated window blinds, inbuilt hi-fi and home entertainment systems, alarms and security systems are all possible and can play a part in the over all garden room cost. There are dozens of other elements that we can include or exclude to suit your needs. It’s our flexibility and willingness to communicate all throughout the project that leaves our customers happy and content with their investment.


Now you know the main costs involved in the building of a Cedar Garden Room, you’ve decided what you do and don’t want to include in your own building, we only have a few things left to say.

Know more about Garden Room cost?

The most frequent question we get asked by clients, and sometimes we’ve not even gotten across their doorstep, is: “How much is it really going to cost us?” Well – how long is a piece of string? As you’ve read, there are so many aspects to consider that the answer comes only once we have carried out our thorough assessment of your brief as well as agreed the size and specification – both internal and external.

Having said all of that, whether you have a strict budget, or you simply want us to respond to your brief, we work with you so that you are aware of costs as soon as we can put our estimate together. We are flexible in what we can do for you but we will never cut corners and its that ethos that keeps our buildings standing for years to come. We use only the finest materials in our builds, assuring you of top quality throughout and a product that will last.

Because every garden room we build is a bespoke product we do not have a ‘standard’ price list. Our outline above can guide you to a very general figure, however we place much of our pride on customer service and company values, both of which come highly rated. Rest assured that we do our utmost to maximise your investment. Remember too that our rooms are not made from a modular construction but built on site from the ground up. No two projects are the same because no two clients are the same.

Ccompany_director_cedar_garden_roomsontact us on 01924 820 555 for a site survey and initial assessment – there is no obligation and we would enjoy a cuppa and chat with you.


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